José Manuel Cardiel

Portrait Jose manuel Cardiel

José Manuel Cardiel Pérez born in Logroño on 25 March 1958. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1981. Specialist in Stomatology since 1984, with private professional practice in Zaragoza since 1984.

Versatile all-rounder. José Manuel Cardiel is a very restless person, he has written two books and directs the Salus Semper Medical Journal, which won the SANITARIA 2000 award for knowledge management. for knowledge management. He is currently Vice-President of the Zaragoza College of Doctors and Honorary Consul. Zaragoza and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Honduras in Aragon.

His facet as a painter began in 1990. He has been painting for more than thirty years. He is a self-taught painter, with more than three hundred and fifty paintings in his oeuvre. His painting is framed within the abstract expressionism typical of the pictorial movement of Willem De Kooning and Jackson Pollock, characterised by throwing, splashing, pouring and dripping on canvas. It is defined as a painting with a great mastery of colour and light in all the paintings. Each canvas reflects a feeling and a state of mind. He belongs to the Spanish Society of Painters and Sculptors AEPE.

Abstract Expressionist technique and style

It is an abstract and vigorous painting, of great density and very intense from the chromatic point of view. The pigment, wildly applied in thick layers of paint with a concentration directed exclusively at the creative act without predetermining its result.

The technique combines the movement of the body with the viscous flow of the paint, the force of gravity and the canvas. movements around the canvas like a dance until the work is seen and understood to be finished. The surface of the painting is an open field without limits.

Throwing, splashing, pouring and dripping on the canvas; mastery of colour and light. Each painting reflects a feeling.